Saturday, 10 December 2011

I want.........02

Hello I am back.... I haven't been blogging very much lately, life has taken over.
But Christmas is here and so are all the fabulous parties, so what does a girl need but a wardrobe full of amazing frocks. Here are just a few that I have been coveting for the last few weeks and I want them all, Enjoy.....
Gold sequin mini dress.
River Island. £60.00
Ok so this is not a dress but if you don't want to wear a dress this jacket is amazing.
Topshop £75.00

Bow fronted Dress.
Topshop £80.00.

Embellished Tier dress.
Signature at Next. £120.00.

So what do you think? I already have the bow fronted dress from Topshop, it is amazing so cute.
I hope you like my picks, let me know what you covert this holiday season.
Lil Loop.x 

Saturday, 8 October 2011

I heart Philosophy x x

I have wanted to try the philosophy products for so long now, they look so inviting and the names make you feel hopeful.
I took the plunge and ordered a selection.....Oh my gosh I am so glad I did.
Hope in a Jar is a moisturizer suitable for all skin types and having oily skin I was doubtful but in the five days that I have been using it my skin feels smoother and looks brighter.
Micr delivery peel, I would describe it as a bit like a scrub and like a mask and when you add the salicylic acid gel, which I love anyway because it is so good for unclogging blackheads/pores, my skin feels so amazing.
It feels smooth, bright my make up looks better and my skin tone is starting to even out.
I am a little bit in love, I will definitely be a Philosopher from now on!!
Lil Loop.x

Friday, 23 September 2011

Cambridge weightplan update........

I started on the plan with the intention of losing a lot of weight, I ate so much the day before, McDonald's, crisps and dip, chocolate......I was very unprepared.
Four days in to the plan I felt like rubbish, I thought "oh well this is what it's supposed to be like"!
By day five I all I could think of was eating, I was snappy, moody and all I wanted to was sleep.
On day six I gave up, I thought I would feel really guilty but I don't, the plan works for a lot of people and so many have had great success on it. They have maintained it for a long time and live healthy, happy lives.
I would promote this plan and say yeah give it a go, but don't make the mistake like I did of thinking it will be an easy ride because it's not.
It is not a plan for me, I thought I could do it but it's just to extreme, going from eating everything to nothing in the space of a day was to much for me.
On Wednesday I went to my first ever Weight Watchers meeting..Oh my gosh I have only been on the propoints plan for three days but it feels like I have finally found the right diet for me.
I have not felt hungry at all for the past three days, I have felt energetic and happy.
I will keep you up dated as the days go on, but I am optimistic that this time I will be a stone lighter by Christmas at least.
Lil Loop. x

Monday, 19 September 2011

Be mine......

I need this manicure right now.
This autumn/winter this will be my nail look, without a doubt, love it.
Lil Loop.x

Saturday, 17 September 2011

My top 4 uk YouTube beauty guru's.....

I love YouTube, I love watching music videos, viral hits like charlie bit me and the sneezing baby panda but my favorite videos to watch are the beauty guru's.
For someone who loves make up but can't apply eyeliner for love nor money the guru's have been my saving grace, they teach you in an ordinary way how to apply beautiful make and wearable make everyday.
So here are my top 4 UK YouTube beauty guru's and why....

4. Plink278.
Plink278 real name Jessica is such a beautiful girl but so normal, she tells it like it is and shows a passion for beauty and fashion, she does great tutorials like her Nicki Minaj moment 4 life tutorial which was beautiful and she has amazing hair!!

3. Pixi2woo.
Real name Tanya Burr aka pixi2woo is a great youtube beauty guru because you can see that she has a real passion for what she does, she is a professional make up artist and you can tell, all her tutorials are very well put together, she makes it look so easy and most of the time it is because she has showed you how to apply the makeup so easily.

2. Swalkermakeup.
Sara walker is a 19 year old beauty blogger and YouTube beauty guru, I stumbled upon her videos one day when I was looking for a fake tan application tutorial and she had uploaded one, from the I watched all her videos.
Sara is so down to earth, on trend and very good at youtubing, she has two channels one is her beauty channel and one is a vlog channel, I love the vlog channels from the guru's because its nice to see in others lives. With a mix of tutorials, vlogs and hauls her channels really are excellent.
I loved her Velcro roller tutorial, she made it seem so easy to do and actually I did it after I watched it and my hair looked really nice.
Swalkermakeup is also on twitter and has a blog using the same name.

1. Pixiwoo.
I found pixiwoo about two years ago and I have been an loyal subscriber ever since.
Pixiwoo aka Nicola and Samantha Chapman are professional make up artists they have worked with some amazing beauty brands and are truly amazing at what they do.
From drag tutorials to beautiful first date makeup looks they execute every video so well and in a simple but informative way, they are lovely people and you feel that if you ever had your make up done by them they would make you feel so beautiful and relaxed.
In my opinion Sam is more passionate about the old school looks and the high end fashion model looks that are perfect for a night out whereas Nicola's looks are more about current celebrities such as Cheryl Cole and she just did the Adele Vogue cover look which was amazing, her looks are a bit more mainstream and wearable for everyday.
They also have a vlog channel called Pixiwoomadness which has some 10 minute tutorials featuring Avon cosmetics which they also have on the Mirror website.
All in all pixiwoo are an amazing beauty guru channel, the ladies take in to account what comments they get and what their subscribers want to see, featuring over the top, gorgeous look for a special night out or a elegant dainty look for a first date they have done it all and I would encourage anyone who has a passion for makeup and wants to learn new techniques to check them out.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Rock N' Rose!!

I love nothing more than hearing about amazing new online stores with beautiful products so you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this little beauty Oh my gosh this site is amazing, it stocks vintage accessories, funky jewellery and the most amazing headwear I have ever seen, its favoured by Pixie Lott and you can see why.
The prices are really good for the beautiful products and I've already added some things to my bag.
Here are a few pieces I have found I hope you like them.

Annalise Rhinestone headband

Beautiful Butterfly Headband

Come rain or shine vintage umbrella necklace

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Cambridge weightplan Day 2.

As you may know from an earlier post I was planning on starting a diet called the Cambridge weight plan, well yesterday I started it.I had my first meeting to see my lovely Cambridge counsellor Lisa, she gave me so much information about the plan and I feel really encouraged, you have 3-4 packs a day depending on your height and gender of either porridge, shakes or soups and after two weeks bars on the sole source plan which is what I have started on.
It is very low calorie 415 to 554 calories to be exact and you to drink a lot of water about three litres a day, but it is for people who like me conventional diets don't work or more like me have not got the determination to do them.
Ok so my first day was yesterday and it was ok, I had two mint chocolate shakes and a cappuccino shake which were not to bad at all, in fact the mint chocolate shakes were really nice I had three litres of water and 2 cups of mint tea, I will admit that I felt hungry in the evening when I would normally have dinner but I busied myself by reading Heat and Look magazine and dreaming of wearing all the amazing clothes in a smaller size.
So I woke up this morning and I feel good, I have a little bit of a headache and I feel cold but apart from that I am doing ok, I have had a strawberry shake for breakfast and its not bad, hopefully the rest of the week will go just a smoothly.
I will keep you updated throughout my time on the plan and if anyone has any experience of it feel free to contact me.
Lil Loop x

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I want......01

Autumn is literally just a round the corner and the new season lines are in the shops, Oh my gosh I have seen about a million things that I want.
Here are a few things I really want.....

Faux fur Black River Island biker boots, 60.00
These will go with literally everything I have, skirts, leggings,
jeans and dresses, they will be perfect for autumn/winter.
Fit and flare tunic Topshop 20.00
I love this tunic dress I will wear it with black tights,
skyscraper heels and a faux fur bolero, perfect.
Angel wing earrings 7.00 Accessorize
I love these, I want them now.

Khaki parka River Island 80.00
I have wanted a parka for ages and have never
found the right one until now, this is gorgeous.

Cape River Island 35.00
I hate being cold on a night out but don't want to wear a coat
so this cape is perfect, it will go with so much.

Sunday, 28 August 2011


I need these shoes, Emma Willis has them, I want them very much.
Carvela..Grass £150.00!!!! I need to start saving the pennies asap!
That is all.
Lil Loop. x

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Gimme Gimme Gimmie?

Why is it that as I sit here watching Carrie walk in to her brand new utterly amazing shoe closet which her knight in shining armour built for her (not literally,but still), I cant help but feel jealous, and I cant help but wonder why.
I have a nice life, I have a great family, good friends and am happy but yet when I see what others have got I feel like I don't have enough. I get jealous when I see other women with their husbands, boyfriends, fabulous haircuts I just cant help it even if I don't actually want what they have.
Today I saw a girl who I used to go to school with, she was always quite popular, she was driving a Mercedes and had a wicked figure, I felt embarrassed that I do not possess these things even though I don't particularly want them am I that shallow I'm not normally like this but sometimes I cant help it, why do we always want what we don't have, even when in reality we don't really want it I know it pushes us sometimes to be better but I don't want to be that person who feel not good enough around others when I feel good enough in my personal life and around my close friends and family.
Am I making sense or just babbling......You don't have to answer that!
Thats it really, Just a little musing of mine, I shall get back to the Sex and the City film now.
Lil loop. x

Friday, 26 August 2011

The Cambridge weight plan.

So as you know I have been trying to lose weight for a very long time. I have tried every diet going, from slimming world to the cabbage soup diet (yuck never again) and the cereal diet to slimfast and so far none have worked for me.
I have a slight addiction to food, I eat when I am hungry which is ok and when I am bored and fed up which is not so good. I don't know why I eat really I guess it sometimes makes me feel better in the moment. But I know that it is not good, as I eat all the wrong foods.
So I have now decided to take on a new weight plan, The Cambridge diet, has anyone ever had any experience with it? I was told about it by a friend of mine who has lost a little over 4 stone so far on it since March 2011 and she told me about the site and on it is a forum, well when I went on it I was amazed at the amount of people not only doing it but having great success on it as well, the link to the site is www.cambridgeweightplan.comIf you are considering doing it check the website out, there is so much info on there and the forum is amazing you can talk to real people who are doing the pal right now.
I know that I need to take food out of the equation, I know it sounds so extreme but I am in need of something to shake me up. I have about 8 stone to lose, yeah I know its a lot but I am going to get it off.
So with the diet you have three shakes or soups a day if you are under 5 ft 8 or 4 if you are over and around 2.5 to 3 litres of water a day and maybe some gentle exercise and that's it really I know the calories are about 4 hundred that you have a day and some people will criticise but I want to try it.
I will put one post a week up from when I start which will be either next week or the following about how I get on and how much I am losing and I hope you enjoy them.
Wish me luck
Lil Loop. x

Thursday, 11 August 2011

My lovely primer.

Ok so until very recently I didn't even know what a primer was, I know shock horror! But after watching so many of the Youtube beauty guru's who are Pixiwoo where they spoke about primers and used them in some of thier videos and their skin looks amazing, I have oily skin and I had noticed that I had to top up my foundation during the afternoon where it had come off because of this, so I thought I would look around and use a primer under my foundation that stops my skin from being so oily and that is when I found L'oreal Studio Secrets smoothing resurfacing primer and oh my gosh I am so glad I did.
I brought it from tesco and ok it was a little expensive it cost me around 10 pounds and the pot is quite small, I was a little apprehensive to begin with because it was so small but I had read some really good reviews from the both the L'oreal and Boots website so I thought I'll give it a go.
I had heard that you only needed a little tiny bit so I took that advice and only used a small blob the size of a pea or smaller, it feels quite wierd to begin with, I smoothed it on my nose, chin forehead and cheeks anywhere really that gets oily during the day it felt like as soon as you rub it in it goes to a powder and makes your skin feel so smooth.
I put my normal foundation, powder and makeup on over the top and I really noticed how well my make up stayed on all day and how smooth my skin looked, it also reduced the look of the pores and blackheads on my nose and made my skin more even or at least look it anyway.
I would definitely recommend this primer it really has made my skin look better, less oily and helped my makeup stay on longer, the only tiny downsides are the price it's more than other drugstore/chemist primers like Rimmel and the pot is small but as you dont need very much it does last quite a long time and it is so worth the price especially if you have uneven, large pores or oily skin.
Lil Loop. x

St Ives apricot scrub review.

So as you may know I am constantly on a mission to find a product that will make my skin feel and look amazing, you know the brand new skin of a babies?Well I want something like that so over the years I have tried everything, so I will be reviewing the products that I think make a difference and hopefully one day the product that tops all else, Im hopeful I really am.
St Ives apricot face scrub, I have been using it for years, it is the only facial scrub I will use over and over again now I am not the type of person to rave about something if its a bit rubbish so you can be reassured that I really do rate this product.
With most face scrubs, with the exeption of a suger scrub, the little scrubby pieces are nearly always very fine and I hate that, I want to use a scrub and feel a difference on my skin afterwards and St Ives does this, the scrubby bits are very corse they are made from apricot, walnut and kernal pieces so they get rid of all the oil and dirt on my face and I have blackheads on my nose and although they dont get rid of them, I mean what does, they definitely appear smaller and less black, you only need to use a small brussel sprout sized blob to cover the whole face I spend about 3 to 5 minutes rubbing it all over to make sure I get it everywhere.
The smell of the scrub is lovely and fresh and clean smelling sort of like a menthol smell but not, sorry I am rubbish at describing smells, I use the Blackhead and Blemish clearing scrub, they have quite a few types such as one for sensitive skin, one for normal and maybe one or two others.
I really really like this scrub it makes my skin feel clean, smooth and less oily its not the miracle worker that I am looking for but when I use it 2-3 times a week it makes a hell of a difference and I would nt recommend this product for someone who has very sensitive skin as I said you can use the one specifically for your skin type.

Lil Loop x

Hello from me.

So Hi this is my first blog, a few things about me, I love all things beauty I am definitly of the opinion that more is more, I love all kinds of lotions and potions anything that says Miracle is put in my basket in a flash.
I am always on a mission to find a product or treatment that will make my skin look like a babies, it hasent happened yet but I stay strong for the sake of my pores.
I love fashion, being a bigger lady means that I have to work that bit harder to find clothes that will suit my shape so you can expect me to blog my trials and tribulations on my journey to find clothes that look good on me and my mission to fit in to them.
My family is my world I spend a lot of time with them as we are very close, I also love music, Doctor who and writing, I have had panic attacks for ten years but I do not want to let them stop me from having the life I want although its hard sometimes, I want to do a skydive and swim with a blue whale although I have a phobia of very large things (Oy cheeky!!) so I don't know how thats gonna work out.
So thats it thats a little about me, I expect you will get to know me if you follow me and find out more about my life and daily musings, I hope so anyway your more than welcome.
Lil loop. x x