Thursday, 11 August 2011

Hello from me.

So Hi this is my first blog, a few things about me, I love all things beauty I am definitly of the opinion that more is more, I love all kinds of lotions and potions anything that says Miracle is put in my basket in a flash.
I am always on a mission to find a product or treatment that will make my skin look like a babies, it hasent happened yet but I stay strong for the sake of my pores.
I love fashion, being a bigger lady means that I have to work that bit harder to find clothes that will suit my shape so you can expect me to blog my trials and tribulations on my journey to find clothes that look good on me and my mission to fit in to them.
My family is my world I spend a lot of time with them as we are very close, I also love music, Doctor who and writing, I have had panic attacks for ten years but I do not want to let them stop me from having the life I want although its hard sometimes, I want to do a skydive and swim with a blue whale although I have a phobia of very large things (Oy cheeky!!) so I don't know how thats gonna work out.
So thats it thats a little about me, I expect you will get to know me if you follow me and find out more about my life and daily musings, I hope so anyway your more than welcome.
Lil loop. x x

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