Friday, 23 September 2011

Cambridge weightplan update........

I started on the plan with the intention of losing a lot of weight, I ate so much the day before, McDonald's, crisps and dip, chocolate......I was very unprepared.
Four days in to the plan I felt like rubbish, I thought "oh well this is what it's supposed to be like"!
By day five I all I could think of was eating, I was snappy, moody and all I wanted to was sleep.
On day six I gave up, I thought I would feel really guilty but I don't, the plan works for a lot of people and so many have had great success on it. They have maintained it for a long time and live healthy, happy lives.
I would promote this plan and say yeah give it a go, but don't make the mistake like I did of thinking it will be an easy ride because it's not.
It is not a plan for me, I thought I could do it but it's just to extreme, going from eating everything to nothing in the space of a day was to much for me.
On Wednesday I went to my first ever Weight Watchers meeting..Oh my gosh I have only been on the propoints plan for three days but it feels like I have finally found the right diet for me.
I have not felt hungry at all for the past three days, I have felt energetic and happy.
I will keep you up dated as the days go on, but I am optimistic that this time I will be a stone lighter by Christmas at least.
Lil Loop. x

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