About me.

Hi I am a 26 year old fashion, beauty, food lover who is constantly on a diet from the Uk.
I am slightly obsessed with celebrities, sorry I can't help it, I just am.
Since the age of 16 I have had panic attacks and anxiety disorder, I am trying to overcome them and I am very optimistic, rescue remedy is my best friend.
I am about to start a Journalism course as I want to become a features writer at Heat magazine.
My skin is the bane of my life, I have moments of clear skin and moments of blemished, spotty horrible skin, so I am always on a mission to find the miracle potion to make it look like Cheryl Coles after shes been airbrushed, I'm hopeful.

Feel free to follow or just browse, see anything you like or dislike feel free to comment, I want to make Lily Loopsy blog the best it can be and I want to connect with people who share my passions so I welcome any feedback.
Lily Loopsy. x